A Blue Suitcase Party in Toronto

On a windy night of February 25, 2016 tons of young Toronto professionals came out to an amazing event at the popular Maison Mercer hosted by Air Canada.  With cool giveaways including 3 flights to the U.S., tickets for drinks from a selection of vendors and a silent auction with proceeds going to the Children’s Aid Foundation.

The place was busy with excited people dancing up a storm and trying out some premium drinks from many vendors. LoveLee brand ambassadors were also there and this time we brought the notorious Hpnotiq out.  Our bar top was glowing white with a very noticeable Hpnotiq logo thanks to our friends at DETONATE GROUP.. All our Hpnotiq items were glowing blue making us a very attractive and inviting spot.

We served it up with some Perrier and blueberries, yummy. The ladies seemed to really enjoy this drink as well as the men. But the ladies really seemed to enjoy receiving our tasty blue lip glosses exclaiming it as the best giveaway at the event. We’re bringing blue back!

Check out http://www.hpnotiq.com/ for some great recipe ideas and to learn more about the exciting Hpnotiq. Please drink responsibly. Come see us at our next exciting event.

-       LoveLee Ange

Toronto’s Very Own Artist Project

The Artist Project celebrates its 9th year with another exciting show! From February 18 to 21, 2016, the opening night party was held at the Better Living Centre inside the Exhibition Place in downtown Toronto. From collectors and curators, to gallerists and designers – there are many great works to be discovered from over 250 top contemporary artists from Canada and around the world. What’s great about this event is that a portion of the ticket sales were donated to the Alzheimer Society of Toronto. Making it a great reason to come out to both support your local Toronto artists and contribute to a great cause.

There were over 2000 people that attended and got to eat good food and try some tasty drinks that helped compliment the spectacular art. At this event, we switched it up and served up some great Old Fashion’s using the smooth tasting Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey as well as other great recipes. I will post one of the popular classic cocktail recipe here for you to try at home.

Trace my Buffalo

1oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey

1oz Boylan premium Ginger-ale

Garnish with an Orange Slice

Pour over ice in a rocks glass

Old Fashion'd

1oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey

1 sugar cube fully dissolved

5 drops of Peychauds Bitters

Pour over ice with an orange peel zest

Trace my Buffalo

Please drink responsibly. Check out http://www.theartistproject.com for more information.

-       LoveLee Ange

The Wine and Food show does London!

Another great show taken to the city of London (Ontario) and held at the Western Fair District from January 14-16, 2016. LoveLee ambassadors were there once again sampling some tasty brands including the award winning Flor de Caña Rums and the notoriously named Fat Bastard Wines. As usual, we give away tons of awesome swag and prizes pairing nicely with some tasty drinks!

Flor de Caña is Central America’s leading brand of rum with the finest natural ingredients combined with a unique Slow-Aged process. It’s roots date back as far as 1890 in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua making it a very unique rum like no other. If you haven’t already tried any of Flor de Caña’s selection of rums, I highly recommend that you do. I am not much of a rum drinker myself, but I tried one of their rums and it left me speechless. So smooth and rich tasting, goes down really nice just on its own.

Another of Ange’s delicious cocktail suggestions is the Flor de Caña’s take on one of Nicaragua’s national drink; The Macuá.

Flor de Caña Macuá

1 ½ oz. Flor de Cana Extra Seco 4

1 oz. guava juice

1 oz. orange juice

½ oz. lemon juice

1/3 oz. simple syrup

1 orange slice and 1 green maraschino cherry for garnish

Add ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and pour into a tall glass. Garnish with orange slice and cherry. Please drink responsibly and enjoy!

Check out their website for more Flor De Cana cocktails www.flordecana.com

Flor de Cana Macua

Another great product we served up at this show was some Fat Bastard Wines. You may recognize this wine with the big Hippo on the label. What is in a name? “Fat Bastard” the words exclaimed to describe things that were great and in this case, unexpected. Renowned winemaker Thierry and Guy Anderson took the brave act of trying an experimental wine when they tested wine left in a barrel with the yeast cells in it. This discovery left them to create and brand (as the name was literally the first thing Thierry said when he tried it, with a French accent of course) Fat Bastard Wines with tastes so dramatic, rich and colourful, round palates. I personally like the Fat Bastard  Merlot with notes of plum and black cherry.  There are many more wines to try in the Fat Bastard family of wines. Live Large my friends!

Fat Bastard @  The Wine and Food Show in London

Fat Bastard @  The Wine and Food Show in London

Spring is right around the corner and we are so excited for more events to come and more brands to be sampled. Follow us for more recaps of fun events. And come out to one of our next events and don't forget to say hi to our LoveLee Brand Ambassadors.

- LoveLee Ange

Fireball takes a Dip to start off the new year!

On January 1, 2016, LoveLee ambassadors got to be a part of the annual Polar Bear Dip, a fun way to get people together and to help communites in need. Fireball was one of the sponsors this year and we were out there to keep people warm with Fireball Hand Warmers. #daretodip

Fireball @ the Polar Bear Dip

Fireball @ the Polar Bear Dip

The Polar Bear Dip, established in 2005 is in support of Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area that is a non-profit housing organization that seeks to break the cycle of poverty. They raise money to allow for affordable housing and help communities in need. 



What fun it was to watch people brave the cold and run into the cold waters of Toronto. Since this started, The Polar Bear Club has raised nearly 300,000 funds that have gone directly to build projects in the community. We were thrilled to be a part of a great cause and help keep people warm. 

Happy New Year from everyone here at the LoveLee team! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more updates on the fun events we get to be a part of. 

- LoveLee Ange