Crystal Head Vodka Cocktails for the Holidays

Here are some great festive cocktail ideas for your next holiday party. These are must try recipes that your guests (and of course yourself) will love.

LoveLee made a great cocktail when we worked at Jacox Harley Davidson in Mississauga promoting Crystal Head Vodka. If you haven’t yet tried it, I recommend that you do. It’s smooth tasting and comes in a very unique bottle in the shape of a skull! I've found that the bottle is also great for many decorating uses for your bar or home.

(This one is my favourite with the yummy straw to add in that extra bit of flavour)

Holiday Breakout

1oz Crystal Head Vodka

Muddled Fresh Mint Leaves

Topped with San Pellegrino

Poured over ice, served in a rocks glass

Garnished with After Eight Chocolate Mint Straw

Santa's Road King

1oz Crystal Head Vodka

Tropicana Cranberry Juice Cocktail

Squeeze of fresh lime

Poured over ice, served in a rocks glass

Garnished with a Lime wheel

If you love these great cocktails, I also recommend checking out Crystal Head Vodka’s website ( for more great cocktail ideas. 

Leave us feedback on these drinks and any others you may have tried with Crystal Head Vodka! Don't forget to drink responsibly this holiday season!


-       LoveLee Ange