Yelp’s Matriphony Masquerade

     "On the night of Yelp’s Matriphony Masquerade, my true Yelper gave to me...

     Five spectacular prizes!

     Four choices of Sazerac products,

     Three surprise performances,

     Two Violinists,

     And a ballerina pouring Champagne from a suspended cloth string!”

Yelp put on an amazing fun fake wedding masquerade on November 12, 2015, which LoveLee Promotions was thrilled to be a part of. This event had great food, tons of drinks, great music, dancing ballerinas and even salsa lessons.

I was there handing out free swag, (as we do) and handing out samples of some great Sazerac products.  My table had the “notoriously popular” Fireball Cinnamon Whisky that guests continue to love and enjoy; "It tastes just like Cinnamon Hearts!" I also had the 'growing in popularity' Dr. McGillicuddy’s Peach, Butterscotch and Apple Pie liqueurs. I received tons of positive feedback regarding these flavors! 

I also like to recommend cocktail ideas to people to help them get excited about these products. With the holidays fast approaching, I will be posting some holiday themed recipe ideas featuring these awesome alcohol products so make sure to come back and visit us soon! Also, feel free to leave us any comments or suggestions that you may have below! :)

- LoveLee Ange