Toronto Festival of Beer

This year we attended the Toronto Festival of Beer which was not new to any of us. Attending as exhibitors instead of consumers is always fun. Personally I enjoy working this festival, Meeting new and interesting people, talking to different vendors and taking in all the new and some well known products. As an attendee I found this event to be a place to party with your friends and enjoy TOO many different beverages I just never got the real experience or this has just become the "new experience" 

If you have never attended the festival here are a couple important things you should take into account before purchasing your tickets

1) Purchase tickets early, Hoptimize is fully worth the extra money as you get tokens right away. 

2) Try not to go on Saturday. I know you don't have to rush from work like Friday or work the next day like Sunday but its LONG lines for everything. Tokens, food, drinks, washrooms, everything. Friday is fun and it goes later and usually has a great vibe and a young crowd. Sunday is the best for roaming around. Most food vendors have dropped the price and are even giving away food for free as they have so much leftover and no one wants to pack up anything at the end. The lines are minimal to none, its Industry day, and usually it closes with a great band and ends at 8pm so plenty of time to go home and rest up for Monday. 

3) Do not pre-drink. Its a festival where samples are $1. $20 is 20 samples...Self explanatory. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: have so many tokens you're not sure what to do with them and there is an hour left? Return them to the token booth and get your money back!!

4) In a group? Get creative! Wear bright colours, graphic shirts or hats. Make it a tradition or make it fun! Personal favorite this year was BeerBingo. T-shirts with different companies in a Bingo card format on the shirt. Fun for everyone! 

5) Proper footware is important. Wedges may look nice ladies but you're walking on grass and after a few beers your balance is not at its best.  Save those ankles! 

6) You don't need an overnight bag to carry around all your junk. Its a festival. Less is more. Get the shorts, runners (not your brand new Flights guys seriously. they will get ruined) sunscreen, small side bag ladies and head over. Have fun, take a taxi home or public transit. Taxi companies are usually giving away $20 off taxi rides, buses and street  cars are running non stop as well.

7) Stay hydrated. Each vendor has water. If you need it just ask! its free!

Hope you found this helpful, even a little! 

For more information go to the festival website-

William Cider Ambassador

William Cider Ambassador

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Happy Beers to you!

Love Lee