CRYSTAL HEAD VODKA, The Rolling Stones Music & LoveLee brand ambassadors were all together this past Saturday at the Office Pub in Toronto.  The Office Pub was hosting a Rolling Stones Karaoke/Dance Party and of course CRYSTAL HEAD VODKA, the official vodka of The Rolling Stones 50th anniversary, was an integral part of the party!

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 The Legend has it that crystal skulls have a certain spiritual power and enlightenment to the beholder.  This legend is where CRYSTAL HEAD VODKA, founded by Dan Akroyd, got its distinctive bottle design.  Now whether you believe in this legend or not we can all agree on the fact that CRYSTAL HEAD is one unique vodka, with its smooth pure taste, being quadruple distilled and seven times filtered.


CRYSTAL HEAD VODKA has teamed up with The Rolling Stones to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary!  They have released a gift set at the LCBO stores that includes:

- Bottle of crystal head vodka

- Display case with the Sticky Fingers album cover,

- 2-disc live Rolling Stones compilation CD

- CRYSTAL HEAD bottle decanter top with Rolling Stones logo

- Bottle tattoo for the 50th anniversary.

Want to try the drink choice of Rolling Stones Keith Richards? Simple, take CRYSTAL HEAD VODKA and mix with orange soda! Fizzy orange and Vodka! The LoveLee Team chooses Jones Orange Soda for this mix!

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