Gym Partner at Canfitpro March 2013

Gym Partner @ CANFITPRO Saturday March 2nd 2013


If you are anything like me when you go to the gym then you know what a hassle it can be to try and juggle your keys, water bottle, towel, cellphone and Ipod.  Not only do I find it a struggle to keep everything with me, but it also proves to be quite the task trying to keep everything off the floor.  Gym Partner features the awesome Gym Partner Accessory Case.  This is a protective neoprene holding case for your water bottle, with a cellphone pocket, and a carabineer for your keys.  The Accessory Case is designed with magnets to stick to your workout machines, keeping your belongings safe, and off the floor!  No longer will I be fumbling with an armful of things while trying to work out and especially when trying to switch from one machine to another!


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Here are some pictures from Gym Partner at Canfitpro this past weekend. Ambassador provided by LoveLee Promotions




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